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Recent activities

Updated the 06/01/2021

01/09/2020: I've moved from Inria Grand Est to Inria Paris within the PROSECCO team.

22/01/2020: Our paper On the semantics of communications when verifying equivalence properties has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Computer Security.

18/01/2020: The new version of DeepSec will soon be released. We're currently during the alpha stage but we hope that the official realease will come shortly. This release will also be shipped with the release of a brand new user interface DeepSec UI. Amongst the new features:

  • Improved efficiency when verifying queries.
  • Support for "Eavesdrop", "Classic" and "Private" semantics (POST'17) for verifying trace equivalence.
  • Integration and improvements of session equivalence (CCS'19).
  • Recording of the result of your runs that can be displayed in DeepSec UI.
  • DeepSec UI supports all of DeepSec's abilities does but with a nice interface.
  • Interactive display of attacks for violated queries.
  • Interactive simulator for equivalence for verified queries.

11/11/2019: Our paper Exploiting Symmetries When Proving Equivalence Properties for Security Protocols was presented at the 26th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, held in London

22/05/2018: We received a Distinguished Paper Award at the 2018 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy for our paper DEEPSEC: Deciding Equivalence Properties in Security Protocols - Theory and Practice.. See the Twitter post.

31/03/2018: Our paper A little more conversation, a little less action, a lot more satisfaction: Global states in ProVerif was accepted at the 2018 IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

31/03/2018: Our tool paper The DEEPSEC prover was accepted at the 2018 International Conference on Computer Aided Verification!